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Artikelnummer: 12272+12273

Kategorie: Tücher

95,53 €

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Here we offer you a very exclusive Versace Fabric Set

Dear customers please understand that it would be too much work to translate all these auctions into several languages, therefore we chose English as the international communication language.

These extravagant fabrics that we offer here and in all our various auctions at the moment, are primarily very rare samples of Versace fabrics or even unique specimen.

They are all real original Versace and some of these fabrics were just produced to show them on fairs!

But since these fabrics were samples to be used later for pillows or to be framed as pictures and so on, the hem is not made with the utmost perfection and not hundred percent squared.

So please consider these fabrics here as real Collector's Items !

At the moment we are offering more than 200 different fabrics and every of these fabrics is available only one time, so please don't ask us to deliver you two or three pieces, it will not be possible !!

The only thing we can do for you is to show you on the following pictures, how the fabrics can be used.

You can use them to sew pillowcases, to frame them as a picture to hang it on the wall, or to use them as a placemat or a tablecloth.

Concerning the pillowcases we can help you to provide a tailor, who will sew for you the pillowcases. The high quality of these pillowcases our tailor produces you also can see on the following pictures.

We are open to all your suggestions in what other manners these fabrics could be used and ask you politely to contact us before the auction ends, so that we can handle your requests

Dear Customers, as you can see, there are so many possibilities how to use these marvelous fabrics!!

Material of this fabric: 100% typical high quality Versace-Velvet

Measures : ca. 47 cm (18,5 inches) x ca. 47 cm (18,5 inches)

Artikelnummer: 12272+12273

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